Updated - 6/12/15

 Bay 3 is open to the General membership.  There will be revised rules issued on 6/20/15 to reflect this update, correct some typo's as well as emphasize certain rules related to safety.  


Updated - 5/29/15

Click Here for Picnic Flier   June_2015_Flier

It is annual renewal time again.  You will have at least 3 possible times to renew your membership and receive your new badge. Our Membership chairman hustled and has all the new badges made.  If you renew at the picnic or at a business meeting, you can receive your new card right away. The badges will be slightly different in textwork and of course color. You may receive your badge right away before the combination changes on the following dates

June 18th 6:30-7PM or after the business meeting

June 20th at the picnic; see flier for times

July 11th at the Range Picnic Area (Times to be announced)

All Applications, Forms, Policies, Procedures, Rules, & Bylaws are in the "Member" link of the Main Menu* which can only be accessed by Registered Individuals who have also requested Member access and your account email address matches the one we have on our membership list.  After you log in, Member will be visible under the Main Menu if you have permission established.

All Applications, & Rules, are in the "President's Corner" link of the Main Menu which can only be accessed by Individuals that have set up an account. After you log in, "Presidet's Corner" will become visible under the Main Menu*.  You must set up the account with a valid email address as privileges are activated after responding to the return email sent to your inbox. This level of permission also gives access to the shoutbox

* See "Viewing Privileges" for a detailed explanation of how to see additional links under the "Main Menu" table at the top left corner of page

A hard copy of Picnic Flier, Renewal Form, & Rules will be mailed this weekend barring any problems with receiving copies.  Please feel free to bring prospective members to enjoy the festivities and see the range.  The combination on the lock will be changed on July 11th, the second Saturday. There will be a cowboy match that day.  When the match is over, all folks without a 2015-2016 badge will have to leave the site.

Interested in joining ??  

Please go to the link under main menu. All new members must have their identification checked in person by a club officer before the application with fee can be accepted.  If you wish to join, please attend one of our business meetings or make arrangements to possibly meet with an officer at the range or other locale.  Click "CONTACTS"  in the Main Menu to send an email or call an Officer  

HELPFUL HINT:  If you press and hold the "Ctrl"key down and then click the form or link desired, it will open in a new window of your web browser.  This will allow you to shut down that page when you are done instead of hitting the previous page arrow (upper left corner) or having to open the website up if your web brouser default does not open a new page automatically.    

Click below to learn about our range 


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Click below to view a presentation that desribes the ranges and our attention to safety 

Orientation Presentation.pdf 

Please note:  This presentation is a bit out of date as it was set up under older rules.  The Range Rules on the link below takes precidence over this presentation. Also, there is a slide regarding pets.  Working dogs - whether search and rescue, hunting dogs, or companion dogs for such needs as medical are not restricted.   The PCGC takes no responsibility for safety or any other liability should the animal be harmed in any way


 Click Here for 2015 Rules  PCGC_Range_Safety_3-19-15