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Guest_6903: Any one can post messages. :)
Guest_1074: Can anyone use the facility?
If not a member, can a member escort someone?
gwatkins01: Unescorted access to the range is by the family member whose name is on the membership card. This individual is allowed to bring guests in accordance with the the PCGC guest policy which identifies limitations, member responsibilities, and our insurance waiver. The best single document to learn of our range is the OrientationPresentation.pdf on Home Page
Guest_5491: When do the 3 gun matches start?
Guest_3967: Is there a cowboy match this Saturday?
pilothunter: According to the club event calendar, which you can access by clicking on the link above, the first Cowboy match is Saturday April 11, and the first 3 gun match is Sunday April 12. If you are interested in any events at the club you can just click the calendar to see the dates and times. You can then hover your curser over the event to get more information. The calendar is always updating, so check it often.
Guest_7169: Just wanted to make sure the membership mtg with be March 19
Guest_4491: hey Gordon is there anyway the road to the range could get snow plowed. O.O
gwatkins01: Although it might be possible, it would not be practical since we only control the road from our gate. Even if we were given permission to perform work on the Eleanor portion of the road, there is a huge liability transferred to the club and officers making the decision. In addition, there are other safety issues that we would have to address regarding protection of our members and guests against increased dangers such as slips, trips, or falls when the road to the range may not be safely passable for all vehicles. The official position of the PCGC is that the range is open when the park is open. It is up to the discretion of each member as to whether they feel that the roads, range, weather, their health & vehicle conditions are suitable for their shooting activities. Regards, Gordon
Guest_1886: When is the next membership meeting? I tried to make it last month and it was canceled due to weather.
admin: The next meeting will be on Th. the 19th. March at 7:00pm
Hunter01: Anyone know teh conditionofteh road today Saturday 3-14-2015
Guest_2207: Does the rifle range here exceed 1000 yards?
admin: Rifle Range is 400 yards Max.
Guest_2901: can you use the range yet?
admin: Range is open, has not been closed. :)
Guest_1173: is the water level low enough to get to the range?
Guest_4394: 3/18/15: is the water low enough to get to the range?
Guest_5180: Does anyone know David Weddington in Culloden WV. He left his staple gun and I have it now.
Gun Dog: Does anyone know David Weddington in Culloden WV. He left his staple gun and I have it now.
Gun Dog:
Guest_9664: looking forward to the rifle match this weekend!


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)


Water is down now.

Interested in joining ??   Please go to the link under main menu. All new members must have their identification checked by a club officer before the application can be accepted.  If you wish to join, please attend one of our business meetings or make arrangements with an officer.     

Click below to learn about our range 


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Click below to view a presentation that desribes the ranges and our attention to safety 

Orientation Presentation.pdf 

Please note:  There is a slide regarding pets.  Working dogs - whether search and rescue, hunting dogs, or companion dogs for such needs as medical are not restricted.   The PCGC takes no responsibility for safety or any other liability should the animal be harmed in any way