Bay3berm lengthened

UPDATE: 4/2/15


We will be working periodically during weekdays on several projects.  Exact dates and times are unknown and depend upon weather or soil conditions so please check this website before you drive to the range.  While work is in progress we will provide some sort of visual identifier that the range is closed.  We may use traffic cones, caution tape or other.  After barriers are removed, range will be open for equipment set-up and shooting

Unless posted on this website in advance, there will be no additional allowed firearms on other ranges (such as centerfire rifles on action pistol bays) during construction.  As a clarification to past practices where exceptions were made for extended outages  and in accordance with our bylaws, the only person in the club allowed to make a decission on range use is the Executive officer, Ed Clark.  The executive officer has the difficult task of balancing the safety required by our insurance policy of  all who pass through our gates; maintaining the property as required by our lease; and providing access to the complex for our 600+ members to use


Target Backers, target frames, replacing or adding new targets on ranges

Clearing of ditches, drainage repair;

Culvert cleaning, repair, and new installation;

Placement and spreading of stone

Earthwork on berms - enlarging, lengthening; repairing slope failure
Seeding & fertilizer for berms

Clearing and relocating downed timber

Front gate repair

Trash removal  Note:  The trashcans are not be used for wire, sharp objects, cardboard targets or boxes, garbage (including the wrappers); political or advertising signs.

Spraying of weed killer

Repairing of ruts in the grass areas Please treat our grass areas as you would your mother's front lawn considering that you had to make all repairs and pay for them out of your pocket

Periodic maintenance - mold & mildew removal; painting; roof repair, carpentry; etc. - the same items you might have at home


Interested in joining ??  

Please go to the link under main menu. All new members must have their identification checked in person by a club officer before the application with fee can be accepted.  If you wish to join, please attend one of our business meetings or make arrangements with an officer.     

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Please note:  There is a slide regarding pets.  Working dogs - whether search and rescue, hunting dogs, or companion dogs for such needs as medical are not restricted.   The PCGC takes no responsibility for safety or any other liability should the animal be harmed in any way