Update - 8/6/14

If you are interested in joining, please go to the link under main menu.  Please be aware that all new members must have their identification checked by a club officer before the application can be accepted.  If you wish to join, please attend one of our business meetings or make arrangements with an officer.  Please visit the contact page.  

For Membership renewal form, see the link below which will remain on this front page as a convenience up through labor day. The Membership forms have changed.  Please be aware that the forms posted on this site earlier this year must be used and we require proof of identity.  Any adult non-family member may attest to your identity.  Only new members require proof of identification by a board member.  

  • Note: Every member must have an orientation at the range.  If you had an orientation at the range for the 2013-2014 renewal cycle, you do not need another.  Our membership chairman, Dave Higley has a list of all forms properly processed.  Of the members who paid last year for renewal, there were over 70 that did not have this orientation according to our records.  If you are unsure, you may contact Dave at 304-304-721-8508 to check.  If you did not have this orientation, please contact Paul Walker, our Training Officer at 304-562-9456 to schedule one 

Click here for member renewal form  Renewal_2014__4_3_14R1.pdf

Click here to download PCGC Rules  PCGC Range Safety 4-3-14.pdf



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