Update - 9/16/14

YOUTH DAY IS THIS WEEKEND!!!  See Sign-up Sheet under the menu of "Recent Articles" to the right

Please see the "Interested in joining the PCGC? " link under the main menu for the new option of spouse membership.  Although our memberships are family memberships, the Primary badge holder - the person receiving the site orientation - must be at the range when the family shoots and all family members must stay together.  This new option allows for greater flexibility

Please see new information in the "Member" link regarding spouse mambership and the new election process

Please see below in the "Interested in joining" section for a new link regarding our ranges

The Range is Under Construction - update of 9/8/16

There have been several changes at the range over the last month.  Pictures and more details will follow under the Presidents Corner.  There are still a few more projects underway and it is important to recognize that these projects may interupt your shooting plans.  Please be flexible to change where you desire to shoot.  A new shelter has been constructed on Bay 3 but it is still closed except for scheduled events.  Remaining work includes clearing, grubbing, berm alterations and drainage which will predominantly be done during the day. While that work is underway, Action Pistol Bays 1 & 2 as well as the Pistol Range will be closed.  This work will be done during the week days to work around the days these ranges are most in use.


Interested in joining ??   Please go to the link under main menu. All new members must have their identification checked by a club officer before the application can be accepted.  If you wish to join, please attend one of our business meetings or make arrangements with an officer.     

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Click below to view a presentation that desribes the ranges and our attention to safety 

Orientation Presentation.pdf 

Please note:  There is a slide regarding pets.  Working dogs - whether search and rescue, hunting dogs, or companion dogs for such needs as medical are not restricted.   The PCGC takes no responsibility for safety or any other liability should the animal be harmed in any way