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Attention: Members of Putnam County Gun Club.

We will be accepting nominations for all positions of Executive committee. Nominations may be made either by attending our October monthly membership meeting or by e-mail. Our membership meeting will be held on Thursday, October 18th at 7 P.M. at the Lions Club in Winfield West Virginia. Nominations will not be accepted after the adjournment of the October membership meeting. Results of the election will be revealed during our December membership meeting/Christmas dinner. Any member wishing to run for office is encouraged to do so.

Those wishing to e-mail nominations may do so by e-mailing Peter Burgeson (Vice President) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If anyone has any questions regarding the election, please contact Peter Burgeson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you,

Edward Garnett (Chip)

PCGC President


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


13 Aug. 2018 Shotgun clay thrower is in place,on right side of pistol Range. image1


The Rifle Range and Pistol Range are now open.

Ed Clark



PCGC Members,

            The Pistol range is now opened on a limited basis.  The majority of work has been completed but sections of the roof and finishing touches will continue over the next couple weeks.  This range will only be closed when active work is being done.  Workers will have priority over the range, and will have the ability to close range once they arrive onsite.  Thank you for your cooperation.

            Major work has been completed on the rifle range also.  The berms have been repaired, the slope of the range has been modified, the sinkhole has been filled in, and several of the shooting backboards have been repaired or replaced.  We hope to possibly have this range opened by the end of next week.  Thanks to Mr. Clark for his continued work on this range.  It looks great!


Edward Garnett, President PCGC
Members and Friends                                                                                    May 2, 2018
   Wanted to keep everyone informed as range improvements continue. We have finally been able to have some dry weather.
   The road has new limestone put down on it. The New Pistol range is taking shape.  It has been framed and the roof is half finished.   A Reminder the pistol range is still closed.
    The Liberty range berms have been refreshed and are looking good. 
    The Rifle Range work continues. We have had a backhoe doing work, improving the closer berms and cutting a much needed ditch to help with drainage and the sink hole has been filled in.  Today The bulldozer was delivered. We wasted no time getting to work. The 200 yard berm has been improved and we have finally been able to start moving some real dirt. The backers are being updated and improved as well.
     A BIG thanks to Ed Clark for all his help in operating the equipment, and overseeing this project.
  Peter Burgeson
Vice President  2018
Putnam County Gun Club
April 11,2018
 Dear Putnam County Gun Club Members,
Our service and safety goal is to keep members informed of issues and concerns when they arise. Recently we have had some emails  about possible rounds leaving the rifle range. In good faith and concerns for everyone's safety there has been intermittent closures of the rifle range.
As you all know according to our rules, ALL rounds must strike the backstops. Any round striking the ground will ricochet. 
We, the executive committee are being proactive and taking steps to investigate and rectify this situation. SAFETY has and will always be our number 1 concern.
We are implementing some new sop's and sog's.  We NEED everyone's help and cooperation. We do appreciate everyone's patience during this.
1. There will be a required sign in and out sheet. This is mandatory.  All member's and their guests will need to sign in and out and list the ranges they are going to.
2. There will be safety officers on site, at random times. Give them your cooperation. They are there for all of us.
3. Any unsafe act, rules violations need to quickly brought to the Executive Committee's attention, especially during this time
4. There will be Heavy Equipment brought to the range to do some berm work. 
We are looking for some members to step up and volunteer to help us as Safety Officers. Those qualified people are encouraged to contact Chip, Ed, or Peter.
We thank each and every member for your help and cooperation.
We truly have the best club and people in the Kanawha Valley.
Be safe.
 Peter Burgeson
Vice President  2018
Putnam County Gun Club

Pistol Range Closed until further notice,
due to Range improvements.
Rifle Range Closed untill further notice.

Also, road work will take place over the next couple weeks and our members must give our contractor and his equipment time and space to complete work before attempting to pass"

Any questions please reach out to me or to Ed Clark, Executive officer.




Pistol Range Closed until further notice, due to Range improvements.


Liberty Range Forward Open

 UPDATE: April 20, 2017

The Range Rules have been trimmed down from 2 pages to 1 page. The ammentment of 2017 edited out redundancy as well as relying on signs at the individual ranges to describe ammunition and arms allowed.  This information coupled with the recently updated orientation link found on sheet 6 of this home page form the regulations for our range. Please read these documents and pass the information along to family and friends before your next visit to the site


Required Orientation for use of Cowboy Range


    A Cowboy Range Orientation is required for use of cowboy range anytime with the exception of matches.

Orientations will be given after Cowboy Matches.

     P.C.G.C. members will have their badges marked after

                           Cowboy Range Orientation.

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Welcome to the PCGC Web Site

Since Safety is of Primary Concern, please read all signs as they may change without notice.  In case of a conflict between Range Rules and Posted Signs; the Signs take precidence.  There are several tabs of interest available to guests as well as the different pages to view of this Home Page.  
The Putnam County Gun Club is located on a 100 acre site in Eleanor West Virginia. The range  complex is open to members and their guests on a first come basis with the exception of scheduled events.  PCGC offers 5 areas to shoot. They are in order from entry in the shooting area 
Action Pistol Bays
We have 3 action pistol bays that are approximately 25 yards deep at Bay 1 & 2 and 35 yds deep on Bay 3 with berms separating the bays so that you may safely set targets while someone is shooting in another bay. These are used for our USPSA competitions and Multigun discipline.  Bay 3 has a shelter with chairs making it ideal for beginning shooters. 
Pistol Range
We have a 125+ yard pistol range with covered positions which is where Small bore rifle, Bullseye, USPSA, & Multi-Gun compete.  Black powder rifles as well as straight wall pistol caliber rifle cartridges may be fired on this range.  On the far right side of the range is a mechanical clay thrower for shooting trap.
Cowboy Range Note: Special orientation required
Our cowboy town has the ability to offer 10 distinct shooting positions. Most of the firing positions have cover from the elements. There is also a large covered picnic shelter with concrete floor and picnic tables.  PCGC is home to the Kanawha Valley Regulators who host the WV State Black Powder shootout and the WV State Wild Bunch Match.  This range boasts stationary and reactive steel plate targets which may be used by all members with soft lead low velocity rounds as posted on signs at the range.  The Corral shooting stage has the same building as Bay 3 of the Action Pistol Bays making it also a very useful area for beginners or practice at short distance targets. 
Liberty Range
The Liberty Range is approximately 22 to 35 yards deep for shooting pistol and rimfire rifle. This area is fully under roof with a concrete pad and gravel road.  AR 500 steel plate targets may be engaged with jacketed and magnum straight walled pistol ammunition
Rifle Range
Our rifle range features target backers at 50 yds, 100 yds, 200 yds, 300 yds, and 400 yds. We have a heavy AR-500 steel 18"x30" target set at 350 yards as well as other gongs at shorter distances.  These targets may be engaged with any pistol or rifle round suitable for use on the largest of North American Game.  There is a gravel road to the different target areas to speed up the setting of targets; there is ample room and more solid ground to turn around at 300 and 400 yards.  High power rifle matches are held monthly during the good weather
Other Areas & Information
The Pistol range has a small Picnic shelter with 3 picnic tables. There is a large picnic shelter between the Cowboy Range and the Liberty Range.  There is ample parking near the range with most having a stone base as well as toilet facilities.  Please review our rules and our Orientation Presentation for more specific information on our range and select the "Interested in Joining the PCGC" tab under the Main Menu to learn how to join.

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Archived News


A Word on Safety

In the past year and a half, over 75% of the individuals looking to join a range have safety as their #1 priority.  All shooting ranges have some form of addressing safety anywhere from reading posted rules to any numer of additional steps.  

At our range, we feel that we provide the most practical level of safety possible to meet our charter, bylaws, and lease agreement.  The PCGC is a 501 C7 corporation (not for profit) where we try to balance the income through dues with our obligation to maintain insurance, a not for profit status, improvements and maintenance.  The key points on our safety  initiatives are:

  1. One individual in the family is assigned as primary member. He or She is issued a badge which must be worn and must take an orientation given at the site.  A spouse may also purchase a badge for a nominal fee provided he or she also attends to site orientation. The primary member carries the responsibility to monitor his/her family & guests
  2. The range is only open to members and their guests except for scheduled functions approved by the executive officer
  3. There is a padlocked gate with a set of rules on access
  4. We have a first aid station in the Liberty Building for minor injuries
  5. Plenty of signage as a reminer of the club rules
  6. Active Safety Awareness Officers that visit the 5 ranges on a random basis almost daily
  7. The basis of our safety rules are taken directly from the NRA Safety Rules without exception
  8. We have some very knowledgeable members with regard to firearm operations, safety systems, and functioning - ask an officer for a recomendation
  9. The scheduled events allowed on our range are managed tightly through a set of requirements to assure that those groups are not only qualified but are insured



 Orientation Slide Show

Ctrl Click here → 2017 Orientation Presentation.pdf


Please note:  This presentation is up to date as of 3/6/17 which modifies the shooting positions on the pistol range per request of small bore program.  The Range Rules on the link below takes precidence over this presentation and posted signs take precedence over the current rules. Any late breaking information is posted on the website which we urge all to view before coming to the site. Also, there is a slide regarding pets.  Working dogs - whether search and rescue, hunting dogs, or companion dogs for such needs as medical are not restricted.   The PCGC takes no responsibility for safety or any other liability should the animal be harmed in any way. Please be aware that their ears are far more sensitive than ours


Ctrl Click here → 2017 PCGC RULES.pdf