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Interested in Joining the PCGC?

If you would like to join the Putnam County Gun Club, the new membership application is in the link below. The applications must be signed by an officer and turned in at our meeting held on the third Thursday of the month at the Winfield Lions Club at the end of Main Street.  The meeting starts at 7PM but we prefer you to arrive at 6:30 to fill out the form or pass it in to one of the officers.  The applicant must have his/her photo ID verified by a club officer.  We recognize that individuals working the evenings may not be able to come to our mettings and thus may contact an officer to make arrangements.  Please do not send your New Member application and fees to our PO box as they will be returned. The new member fee from Jan 1st,  til June 30th,  is $100.  If you choose to wait until after July 1st  to join, the new member fee to June 30,  is $150 and then subsequent renewal on July 1st,  is $125.  An orientation is also required before you receive the combination to the gate lock.  That will be scheduled through David Groff


A spouse membership card cost is $10 for the first application and $10 for renewal.  The PCGC is a family membership organization, however the primary card holder (the one who signs the new member application) must be with his/her family.  The benefit to a spouse membership card are 3 fold

  1. The spouse may shoot at the range (with immediate family) without having the primary card holder present.
  2. The primary card holder and spouse may shoot at different ranges
  3. The spouse is allowed to bring guests in accordance with the guest policy 

The requirements to obtain a spouse card (ID verification & range orientation) are the same for the primary card holder