April 11,2018
Dear Putnam County Gun Club Members,
Our service and safety goal is to keep members informed of issues and concerns when they arise. Recently we have had some emails  about possible rounds leaving the rifle range. In good faith and concerns for everyone's safety there has been intermittent closures of the rifle range.
As you all know according to our rules, ALL rounds must strike the backstops. Any round striking the ground will ricochet. 
We, the executive committee are being proactive and taking steps to investigate and rectify this situation. SAFETY has and will always be our number 1 concern.
We are implementing some new sop's and sog's.  We NEED everyone's help and cooperation. We do appreciate everyone's patience during this.
1. There will be a required sign in and out sheet. This is mandatory.  All member's and their guests will need to sign in and out and list the ranges they are going to.
2. There will be safety officers on site, at random times. Give them your cooperation. They are there for all of us.
3. Any unsafe act, rules violations need to quickly brought to the Executive Committee's attention, especially during this time
4. There will be Heavy Equipment brought to the range to do some berm work. 
We are looking for some members to step up and volunteer to help us as Safety Officers. Those qualified people are encouraged to contact Chip, Ed, or Peter.
We thank each and every member for your help and cooperation.
We truly have the best club and people in the Kanawha Valley.
Be safe.
 Peter Burgeson
Vice President  2018
Putnam County Gun Club

Pistol Range Closed until further notice,
due to Range improvements.
Rifle Range Closed untill further notice.

Also, road work will take place over the next couple weeks and our members must give our contractor and his equipment time and space to complete work before attempting to pass"

Any questions please reach out to me or to Ed Clark, Executive officer.




Pistol Range Closed until further notice, due to Range improvements.


Liberty Range Forward Open

 UPDATE: April 20, 2017

The Range Rules have been trimmed down from 2 pages to 1 page. The ammentment of 2017 edited out redundancy as well as relying on signs at the individual ranges to describe ammunition and arms allowed.  This information coupled with the recently updated orientation link found on sheet 6 of this home page form the regulations for our range. Please read these documents and pass the information along to family and friends before your next visit to the site


Required Orientation for use of Cowboy Range


    A Cowboy Range Orientation is required for use of cowboy range anytime with the exception of matches.

Orientations will be given after Cowboy Matches.

     P.C.G.C. members will have their badges marked after

                           Cowboy Range Orientation.

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