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A Word on Safety

In the past year and a half, over 75% of the individuals looking to join a range have safety as their #1 priority.  All shooting ranges have some form of addressing safety anywhere from reading posted rules to any numer of additional steps.  

At our range, we feel that we provide the most practical level of safety possible to meet our charter, bylaws, and lease agreement.  The PCGC is a 501 C7 corporation (not for profit) where we try to balance the income through dues with our obligation to maintain insurance, a not for profit status, improvements and maintenance.  The key points on our safety  initiatives are:

  1. One individual in the family is assigned as primary member. He or She is issued a badge which must be worn and must take an orientation given at the site.  A spouse may also purchase a badge for a nominal fee provided he or she also attends to site orientation. The primary member carries the responsibility to monitor his/her family & guests
  2. The range is only open to members and their guests except for scheduled functions approved by the executive officer
  3. There is a padlocked gate with a set of rules on access
  4. We have a first aid station in the Liberty Building for minor injuries
  5. Plenty of signage as a reminer of the club rules
  6. Active Safety Awareness Officers that visit the 5 ranges on a random basis almost daily
  7. The basis of our safety rules are taken directly from the NRA Safety Rules without exception
  8. We have some very knowledgeable members with regard to firearm operations, safety systems, and functioning - ask an officer for a recomendation
  9. The scheduled events allowed on our range are managed tightly through a set of requirements to assure that those groups are not only qualified but are insured